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Radiant by nature.....and by name

At Radiant Heating we design, build and service domestic and commercial radiator heating and underfloor heating systems for homes in Wellington, Kapiti Coast and the Wairarapa. These systems use radiant energy which provides heat.... very comfortably and are efficient. We also install solar hot water heating.

There are many ways to achieve a healthy, warm home, and after a little research you will find out radiant energy creates the most pleasant and comfortable environment. Radiant energy is gentle, even and doesn’t dry or move air around.

‘Radiant heat’ is warmth the way nature intended... when the sun heats up objects around us they then gently ‘radiate’ out warmth that we can feel. Our systems do just that and you really do have to experience it to appreciate it... come and visit our office and showroom to feel the benefit of a radiant heating system.

Have a chat with us and you’ll discover why our existing customers would never be without their Radiant Heating. Once you’ve experienced a radiator heating or underfloor heating system, a radiant heating system will quite likely become your heating system of preference.

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