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Heating Equipment Heat Source
(Boilers and Heat Pumps)

The heating equipment heats the water for the system. There are many brands available and this is constantly expanding. We select the brands we use based on reliability, cost, supplier support and evidence of “independent testing”. With any mechanical system, breakdowns cause frustration to all those involved. We select equipment and design systems to minimize the likelihood of frustration.

Our standard range of heating equipment is categorized by the energy source used. Within each category, there is usually a “standard” efficiency and the higher efficiency “upgrade” option. If required, we source heating equipment for special applications.

Energy Source Heating Equipment Description(% efficient) Output Range
Gas Radiant RS24 Space heating 94% 0 to 24kW
Gas Radiant R1K18 Condensing Space Heating 106% 0 to 18kW
Gas Radiant R1K25 Condensing Space Heating 106% 0 to 25kW
Gas Radiant R1K24B Condensing Space Heating DHW 106% 0 to 24kW
Gas Radiant R1K34B Condensing Space Heating DHW 106% 0 to 34kW
Gas Radiant R2K34 Condensing Space Heating DHW Combi boiler 106% 0 to 34kW
Electricity Ecotermal Electric boiler Electric Boiler 0 to 24kW
Electricity Heat Pump Emmeti -8kW to 17kW outputs Air to water heat pumps offer between 3 and 5kW of heat for each 1kW of electricity used. Located outside 0 to 17kW
Diesel Domusa EV25AC Condensing boiler 106% efficient 29kW
Diesel or Wood Domusa Granada Burns wood or diesel 23 – 40kW

Solid fuel, (wood or pellets) solar or ground source heat can be considered and we can help ascertain if these are right for you.

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Hot Water Cylinder
Coopers Cylinder by Rinnai

These are a standard high quality, well insulated hot water cylinder.

The Coopers Hot Water Cylinder is manufactured in the U.K. using top grade 2304 stainless steel and exceptionally good insulation. The cylinder has a heat exchange coil, 3kW back up element for hot water production in case of an interruption to the gas supply and a 20 year limited warranty. With the addition of a second coil, the cylinder can be configured to use multiple energy sources. Say gas and solar, electricity and wood....

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