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Radiant by nature.....and by name

Radiator Heating

Kiwis returning from overseas and Europeans and Brits arriving to live here are used to central heating. They’ve created a demand for radiator central heating systems which are a good choice for many existing and new homes.

The principles and equipment used are the same as an underfloor heating system... except the water is circulated to radiators mounted on the walls rather than tubes in the floor.

There are usually one or two radiators per room depending on the size of the room. We have a wide selection of radiator sizes and heat output. Usually a gas boiler is used to heat the water and there is a programmable thermostat for overall control with individual thermostats on each radiator.

It’s possible to combine radiator heating and underfloor heating which may suit a multilevel home or one with both timber and concrete floor substates.

Domestic hot water heating can also be added.

An air to water heat pump can be used, but there are disadvantages.

Gas and diesel are the energy sources most suited to a radiator system.

We will work with you to ensure you have the system most suited to you and your home.

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