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Radiant by nature.....and by name

Underfloor Heating
(Using heated water to transfer heat)

Because you can choose any energy source to heat the water, use modern thermostats, select high efficiency boilers or heat pumps and insulation requirements have improved, underfloor heating systems are quick to respond and cost effective to run compared to those of 10 years ago.

Sunflow Underfloor Heating Systems circulate heated water around circuits of heating tube embedded in a concrete floor. This effectively creates a large "radiator". The larger the radiator, the higher percentage of the very comfortable "radiant heat".

People like the subtleness of the warmth, the lack of visible heating equipment and the ease of use.

Radiators and domestic hot water can be added to the system if appropriate.

In Wellington and Kapiti, a gas boiler or air to water heat pump are most commonly used. In the Wairarapa, it’s a heat pump or maybe a diesel boiler. Sunflow underfloor heating can actually use any heat source.

Control is usually a centrally located 24 hour, 7 day programmable thermostat. Only the thermostat need be visible in the home. Finer control is available. Internet enabled control is also possible.

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