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Undertile Heating and Undercarpet Heating

Warmup Heating is an electric cable system that becomes part of the floor covering. It is particularly useful in renovations but can also be used in new homes, offices etc.

We have used Warmup successfully since 1996 and our clients speak very well of it. It is reliable, easy to use and very comfortable. We like Warmup because it is a leader in the field when it comes to safety and Warmup work hard to make the thermostats easy to use.

With Warmup each room is individually controlled by a thermostat. We use the TH115 programmable thermostat. It has a minimum and a comfort temperature setting and can be programmed for one or two “comfort” periods in a day... say breakfast and dinner/evening setting. Each day of the week can be different. There is also a “manual” mode and a “standby” or “off” mode.

Warmup Undertile Heating

Warmup Undertile Heating is customised to suit each area. Whatever the shape, the floor is evenly heated. Once laid, the 2.0mm diameter element is taped in place. Usually a thermal screed is laid and it is then ready for tiling.

Warranty - “Lifetime” Warranty.

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Warmup Undercarpet Heating

The heating is custom laid to suit the room layout. The heating element is laminated between layers of fine foil which helps distribute the heat and so reducing the likelihood of "hot spots".

Warmup Undercarpet Heating is taped down onto the underlay. The heater cord is recessed into the floor if necessary and then drawn up inside the wall cavity to the controller position. The heater is tested and is then ready for the carpet to be laid over the top and for the electrical work to be completed.

Warranty - 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the element.

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Warmup Inslab Heating

Inslab cable heating is suited polished or coloured concrete floor areas less than 50sq.m . It is important that they are well insulated.

The heating element consists of fixed length earth-screened electric heating cables of approx 6.2mm diameter with factory fitted cold tails for connection to the main electrical supply. The heating wire is encased in a tough insulation, is then covered with metal braiding - providing an electrical earth and added protection. A super tough PVC outer shield then provides further insulation and protection. The result is a super tough element capable of with standing the rigors of a typical concrete pour. The resistance wires are factory terminated in a waterproof joint assembly to the supply conductor and earth conductor of the cold tails respectively.

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