Thermal Collection – Collectors are 85 to 95% efficient

Solar Water Heating

Sunflow Solar transfers radiant heat from the sun into water ready for domestic hot water heating. The hot water cylinder stores the heated water until you need it. You can save up to 70% of your water heating bills, about 40% in winter and maybe 100% in summer.
Photovoltaiec Collection - Collectors are 23 to 24% efficient
Radiant heat from the sun is converted to electricity. This can be used to power any electrical appliance, but currently must be used when generated. If there is no requirement from the house for electricity, it may be “sold” to a power company. We specialise in thermal collection for domestic hot water use.

Which solar collector?

There are different grades of solar collector to choose from: standard, marine grade and then the premium grade. We can help you select the grade to suit your location. (Note – There is little difference between the efficiency of flat plate and evacuated tube collectors in a domestic situation.)

Which hot water tank?

We suggest a 300 litre cylinder, closed circuit system with the cylinder located inside your home. The cylinder has an electric element to boost heating when there is not enough solar collection. It is also possible to use gas as the boost.

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